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Floating Garden Railing Flower Pot Stand

Floating Garden Railing Flower Pot Stand

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This product is designed to disappear and can hold objects weighing up to 15 pounds. (25 lbs. at the foot of the railing) for vertical gardening. These tool-free and lightweight railing planters are a game changer. Turn your railing into a floating garden with these new vertical railing planters.

9" below top rim. 10" above rim.

• Tool-free easy install
• Indoor/Outdoor use
• Suspends up to 15 lbs. planters for vertical gardening
• Designed to disappear
• Engineered for adjustable tension
• Wind-resistant, forward tilt-proof & rust-resistant 

Customer: What size flower pot is this flower pot stand suitable for?
Answer: The size of this flowerpot stand is 29*27*12cm (specific size), which is suitable for flowerpots with a diameter of 30cm.

Customer: What material is this flowerpot stand made of? Is it durable?
Answer: This flower pot stand is made of metal, which is rust-proof, anti-corrosion, durable and stable, and suitable for long-term use.

Customer: How long does it take to install this flower pot stand? Do I need any tools?
A: Installing this flower pot stand is very simple and requires no additional tools.

Customer: Is this flowerpot stand suitable for outdoor use? Can it withstand a variety of weather conditions?
Answer: Yes, this flower pot stand is suitable for outdoor use, can withstand various weather conditions, and is rust-proof and anti-corrosion.

Customer: How is the flower pot stand protected during transportation to ensure it arrives intact?
A: We will use professional packaging methods to ensure that the flowerpot stand is well protected during transportation and ensure that the product arrives intact.

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