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🔥 Hot Sale🔥📕Anxiety Bookshelf | Shake Away Your Anxiety

🔥 Hot Sale🔥📕Anxiety Bookshelf | Shake Away Your Anxiety

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📓This gift can be given to your friends, loved ones or family. Get rid of worries and anxiety now! 💕

📘If you are stressed you can shake up the books and if you are anxious you can organize them back😊

The Anxiety Bookshelf is a handmade miniature wooden bookshelf with about Two hundred folded miniature books.

If you're stressed, you can shake these books, and if you're anxious, you can organize them back. Shake your mood over and over again and you'll have a different experience each time.

The bookshelf opens up so you can organize the books as you wish, and if you don't like them, you can shake them and start over. 💕

Size: about 10 inches x 8 inches x 3 inches

😊Handmade. Each one is not exactly the same and sizes may be slightly inaccurate.

The Shaking Bookshelf is definitely the perfect gift for book lovers, art collectors, or OCD sufferers like me. 🎁


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