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Hot Dog Criss-Cross Slots Slicer

Hot Dog Criss-Cross Slots Slicer

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Hot Dog Slicing Tool Perfect Criss-Cross Slots That Expand While Cooking

For the grill, smoker, oven, frying pan, air fryer or over a campfire.

  • Quick and Easy - Slot Both Sides in Just 8 Seconds!
  • Creates Juicy Diamonds with Crispy Caramelized Edges
  • Smoke and Grill Flavor Penetrate Deeper
  • Slots Grab Hold of Toppings, Rubs and Sauces
  • Hot Dogs Cook Quicker and More Evenly
  • A Fun Flavor Experience for Friends and Family of All Ages
  • Dishwasher Safe - Top Rack, Blades Down
  • Ideal for Kids, Parties, Camping, Tailgating, EVERYWHERE!

When preparing BBQ hot dogs, the ultimate hot dog slicer makes it so much easier to cut criss-crosses into your hot dogs so they get cooked perfectly every time. Besides cooking your hot dogs evenly, the tool also allows the hot dog to expand, letting the smoke and the grill flavor penetrated deeply within the hot dog.

The tool causes each sliced edge to caramelize with juices and to crisp up perfectly every-time you grill. It doesn’t just make your hot dogs look amazing and taste better – it also helps cook them quicker by heating the center of your hot dogs.

The slots are made through the entire hot dog, allowing it to grab hold of your condiments and toppings, which may otherwise slip off to the sides.

The tool is intended for use with skinless hot dogs that are not frozen, is dishwasher safe in the top rack, and can slice into hot dogs with a max length of 9.5 inches (or you could just make multiple cuts).


  • Steel Blades cut slots into a Hot Dog which expand as it cooks, smoke and grill flavor penetrate deep
  • Juices Caramelize and edges crisp up perfectly, while the slots grab hold of toppings
  • Intended for use with SKINLESS Fridge Temperature Hot Dogs
  • Perfect for kids as they love the alligator, dinosaur, dragon scale look
  • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe

Size: 29.5*6.5*5.5CM 

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