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Pelvic Repair Multifunctional Leg Clip

Pelvic Repair Multifunctional Leg Clip

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【Multifunctional Training】
Thighs, arms, chest, back and buttocks exercises can all be exercised by this calf master, easy to use,
different exercises for different body parts. Best for slimming,
thigh trimmer, shaping the back, exercising legs and arms.
Suitable for all fitness levels who want to get physically active.

【Shape Perfect Buttocks】
Buttocks trainer Kegel exercise product buttock lift is suitable for women
who just gave birth/flat buttocks/work sedentary/postpartum moms/sedentary/have fat thighs,
or worry about flat buttocks. 7kg pressure upgrade, more suitable for women. Without dieting,
the pelvic muscle exerciser can effectively shape the female buttocks,
let you have a charming figure, and make us younger and more beautiful.

1, Powerful function: the thigh workout tool can help lift hips and thin legs,
allow you to have peachy buttocks and help repair pelvic floor muscles.

2, Quick results: a pelvic, gluteal, and leg training device, with one minute to beautiful buttocks,
7 days to firm pelvic floor muscles and 4 weeks to change sedentary posture.

3, Good experience: ergonomic design. The streamlined design conforms to ergonomics.
The minimal texture has a non-slip effect and makes it more comfortable to use.

4, Cross-arm design: refuses to block the fat.
You can adjust the back knob to freely change the angle of the main body,
which is convenient for exercising in different positions.

5. Applicable people: the glute trainer is suitable for women who work sedentary work.
Mothers after childbirth who take care of flat buttocks are recommended to use this gluteal exerciser.
The tightness makes us look younger and more beautiful.

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