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🔥THE LAST DAY SALE 50% OFF 🔥 StretchSculpt Shorts

🔥THE LAST DAY SALE 50% OFF 🔥 StretchSculpt Shorts

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These StretchSculpt Shorts have tummy control properties! StretchSculpt Shorts Shorts  that will make you feel fabulous! If you like bermudas, short shorts, or in the middle they make everyone happy!

👉The summer short is PERFECT !! Grab them before they’re gone! 

They truly are the grand slam of shorts! They fit sizes 0-20w and they are a must have this spring and summer season!👇

There are three main reasons you NEED these shorts in your wardrobe:

(1) VIRAL TUMMY CONTROL TECHNOLOGY (now in a pair of shorts)!

We have sold tens of thousands of pairs of our viral tummy control denim and our customers have been begging for a shorts version for years--they are finally here!

Our viral tummy control technology features a super stretchy panel on the inside of the shorts that sucks you in and slims you out for a confidence boost that you didn't know could exist! You will feel so amazing in these shorts! 


These shorts are buttery soft and so stretchy in the thighs and waist

They snap right back into place, too!  You do not have to worry about these shorts stretching out as the day goes on! 

If you carry weight in your thighs, these are a great option for you because of the insane level of stretch! 


These shorts come cuffed with a 4.5 inch inseam and can be uncuffed once for a longer inseam to make them more of a mid thigh short, or twice to make them more of a bermuda short at 7 inches! 

That means that these shorts work for every woman for every occasion! 

🎁The PERFECT summer short is here!! Grab them before they’re gone!🎁
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